Brett is a Sunshine Coast artist in his 60's who prefers to maintain a very low profile. 

He doesn’t exhibit, nor does he enter competitions. Instead, Brett batch paints (that is he prefers to paint a number of works over a relatively short period of time, just a few times a year).  Once done he cleans up his studio and doesn’t go back there again until the mood takes him. He rings us sporadically to say he has new paintings ready, he arrives - he delivers - then he leaves. Until the next time. 

We refer to him as our invisible man -- hence our profile photograph! Our real life "international man of mystery".

Brett paints in a variety of styles, from soothing contemporary abstracts to bolder figurative pieces. True to form, Brett prefers not to be constrained by genre and this affords him the ultimate luxury of not only painting when he wants to, but also painting what he wants to.  A graphic designer by training, but a true artist in reality – one who finds great joy and satisfaction in putting brush to canvas.  Brett is happily married, with three children.  

An enigmatic character he may be, but to us he is quite simply our elusive, our talented, our very own, Brett Andrew.

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