Dan Mason is an innovative Australian artist who has established a reputation for producing significant work since ‘turning pro’ more than 20 years ago.  
Dan’s approach to art has been shaped by two things:  his love and appreciation of open spaces and our natural environment which was born from months at a time as sea as a child with his father; and a lifetime as an active surfer. 

Dan says: “It is my intention, through painting, to share the joys of our existence; to capture the layers and complexities that we face as humans and as custodians of our magnificent planet. I work on several canvases over a period of time - the work is initially intuitive, making a mark, moving to the next, revisiting and responding to their individual energies. Essentially, I am allowing them to grow organically, and yet, they let me know when they're finally resolved with a vibration, I can only compare to looking into the eyes of a loved one.

I am influenced by the ocean and our natural world, and have been painting boats that reference my own photography. I refrain from a realistic approach and still let the bold gestural movement of the brush or palette knives tell the story”.
His abstracted mixed media approach allows Dan the freedom to explore differing surface tensions and interactions, even when creating perceptibly realistic subjects. 

With characteristically dramatic, but free-flowing brush strokes, paint pours, and slight swirls, Dan plays with differing levels of opacity and often finds greater resolution by scraping paint back from the surface, rather than applying it.  Luscious oils are interjected into the viscous movement of spray paint; acrylics and enamels repel and simultaneously find peace within each other.  Each painting offering the viewer bold creativity, rich textural medium, free flowing movement and an energy best experienced in the flesh.   All these elements coalesce to capture and present Dan’s vision.

Dan’s paintings have been exhibited nationally for more than a decade and globally over the last six years to wide artistic acclaim and a rapidly growing international collector base.

1997 | Completed Visual Arts Major, Griffith University Gold Coast
1995 | Commenced Bachelor of Arts (Psychology major) Griffith University Gold Coast
1994 | Associate Diploma of Architectural Technology, Gold Coast Tafe College
1989 | Senior Certificate, Miami State High School, QLD, Australia
2015 | Brisbane Rotary Arts Spectacular, Finalist
2012 | Victorian Cancer Council Art Awards, Finalist & National Tour
2011 | Gainsborough Greens Art Award, Finalist
2011 | Prometheus Visual Arts Award, Finalist
2010 | Marymount Art Prize, Overall Winner
2009 | Gold Coast Rotary Club Art Prize, First Prize, Abstract
2009 | "The Churchie", National Emerging Art Award, Finalist
2009 | Brunswick Street Gallery Art Prize, Shortlisted
2009 | Art Sydney Off The Wall, Shortlisted
2004 | St Stephens College Art Exhibition, Encouragement award
2003 | St Stephens College Art Exhibition, Encouragement award
2000 | Australian Art and Framing Trade Fair, People’s Choice Award
2010 | Life's A Beach, Red Hill Fine Art Gallery, Brisbane
2009 | Let There Be Rock, 19Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast
2008 | Lust for Life, Emporium Gallery of Fine Art, Brisbane
2007 | Harnessing The Fractal, Red Hill Fine Art Gallery, Brisbane
2006 | Primitive Man, Emporium Gallery of Fine Art, Brisbane
2002 | Enigmacity, Currumbin Rocks Resort, Gold Coast
2015 - All Afloat, Red Hill Fine Art Gallery, Brisbane
2015 - Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
2014 - Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam
2014 - Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
2014 - Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
2014 - Asia Contemporary, Hong Kong
2014 - Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
2014 - Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong
2014 - Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Belgium
2014 - Affordable Art Fair Milan, Italy
2014 - Chai and Mason, Red Hill Fine Art Gallery, Brisbane
2013 - Colour and Shade, Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney
2013 - Men of Matter, Red Hill Fine Art Gallery, Brisbane
2012 - Allusions, Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney
2012 - Marymount Art Show, Feature Artist
2012 - The 40 Zone, Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney
2012 - Bumpadabumpa, Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney
2011 - Long Hot Summer, Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney
2006 - 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Red Hill Fine Art Gallery, Brisbane
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All Saints Anglican School - Gold Coast
Web Resources - Brisbane
Conrad Hilton Hotel - Gold Coast
Bel Air International Resort - Gold Coast
Chevron Renaissance Tower One - Gold Coast
The Arbor on Grey - Brisbane
Indigo Blue - Gold Coast
Platinum - Gold Coast
Private collections in: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong, UK, USA

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