See the painting as if it were already hanging in your room.   It's easy and it's fun.   Click on Try it in Your Room on any page -- we strongly suggest watching the video and in less than a minute, you’ll be an expert.

  • When taking your photograph take it as straight on as you can, rather than from the side.
  • When setting the area of the wall you want to place the painting on, you are setting the whole available wall, not just a spot the size of the painting. For example the entire wall space above a couch or bed.  
  • Before you move on, don’t forget to slide the bar at the bottom to indicate the actual height of the area you have marked out.
  • Click save and next and the painting will pop onto your wall.
  • The painting should automatically scale to the size of the wall height that you entered. Hover over the painting and the painting size will appear – if it is not quite right, drag the corners until it gets to the actual size of the painting as shown on the website.