Jeannie Mills Pwerle

Anaty (Bush Yam), size 120 x 90 cm.


Dreaming:  In this painting, Jeannie depicts the role that traditional and sustainable food and in particular the desert yam plays in the lives of traditional people . The ceremonies celebrating the yam signify well being and the ability of aboriginal people to live off native species while caring for the land. The desert yam or bush potato are tubers or swollen roots of the Ipomoea costata, a fast-growing creeper with large purplish-pink trumpet flowers. They remain a year round staple food for people in many parts of Australia particularly in the artists country.

Artist's Language/Country: Alyawarre/Irrwelty & Atnwengerrp NT. Born c. 1965, Utopia, NT. Read artists bio.

Contemporary aboriginal painting.
Medium: Acrylic on linen.

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