Joy Kngwarreye Jones

Title: Awelye by Joy Kngwarreye Jones, size 60 x 118 cm.


Dreaming:   This paintings is an abstract depiction of the stunning Enteebra flowers in a range of colours that reflected the species and the changing seasons in Joy's home Country of Alyawarre on MacDonald Down Station.   Always happy and high spirited, Joy's paintings reflect her vibrant personality and lust for life.   Joys work is informed by the rhythmic depiction of Awelye, which covers all aspect of Aboriginal women's cultural, spiritual, family and social life. Awelye is knowledge that is sacred and passed on through stories, song and ceremonies. It is often referred to today as women's business.

Language/Country: Anmatyerre & Alyawarre/Utopia, Eastern Desert. 

Contemporary aboriginal painting.
Medium: Acrylic on linen.
Stretched ready to hang.


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